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12 THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE PROM 2017!! Survival LIFE HACKS Every Girl Should Know!

Life Hacks

12 THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE PROM 2017!! Survival LIFE HACKS Every Girl Should Know!

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Introduction song:
Hi I’m Wengie an Aussie YouTuber that makes way of living Videos on my main network:
Vlogging camera:
My 7 day diet food strategy with recipes and calorie matters:

▼ My Fave Things ▼
Tiny Minx Mia Lashes (my daily lash)
Brown/Hazel Circle Lens:
Dark Brown Circle Lens:
Grey Circle Lens:

▼ Slimmer & Healthier Face + Skin ▼.
Possibly Unicorn Massager:

▼ Lighting Equipment that I utilize ▼.
Ring Light:
Daylight: Free …

Instagram: @misswen.
snapchat: @wengie.



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